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What are Garage Door Parts & How Garage Doors Operate

Your garage door relies on several moving mechanisms and parts. All such garage door parts need to be installed properly. Do you wish to install a new garage door or repair an existing one? Taking the help of a reliable garage door installation in Silver Spring, MD could be the best alternative. Regular maintenance of different mechanical parts keeps the garage door operating smoothly and conveniently. Here comes the role of our specialized garage door repair service in Rockville, MD.

Do you want to fix your existing garage door or buy a new garage door? Are you looking to repair or replace a garage door spring, cable, or roller or searching for garage door repair in Rockville, MD? Contact BWI Garage Doors right away. We provide highly reliable garage door services such as garage door installation, garage door repair, replacement, and emergency garage door repair in Silver Spring, MD & Ellicott City! We are backed by advanced tools, skills, & experienced garage door repair team. Our team excels at performing the task more effectively than any other competitors.

Before scheduling garage door repair in Rockville, MD, service, you may want to know the different parts of a garage door and their functions.

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What Are the Parts of a Garage Door?

Every garage door component, no matter how complex, serves a purpose in the operation of opening and closing your door. Do you wonder what are the parts of a garage door system and how they work? We discuss some of the important parts of a garage door. Please have a look!

Manufacturers commonly produce panels using wood, steel, or aluminum. These panels serve as components of the garage door’s exterior. It allows homeowners to customize them to improve the overall look of their house. It is useful in increasing the home’s curb appeal.

Door Opener
The components of a garage door opener consist of the operator, drive mechanism, emergency release rope, and sensors. The automatic garage doors can be operated without the need for manual intervention. Using garage door opener control, one can operate the sensors and motors. It enables you to operate the door smoothly. A garage door’s sensors have a limited range! So you can only open the door within the decided range. You can use smart technology that lets you operate it remotely.

Garage doors do not solely depend on a door opener for heavy lifting. The motor is responsible for controlling the direction of movement. The torsion springs located above the door assist in the opening and closing process. Spring saves energy while opening the doors smoothly.

The garage door tracks are positioned on the vertical sides of your door and incline upwards towards the ceiling. These tracks play a crucial role in directing the movement of your door, in conjunction with the garage door springs. It prevents the door from falling back down once opened.

Within the tracks, there are rollers. It glides along as the door is opened and closed. These rollers are composed of a metal rod and a wheel crafted from nylon, steel, or plastic. Our technician on call will regularly replace these rollers. It guarantees smooth garage door operation.

Keep Your Doors Rolling

A garage door system’s complexity! It bears extreme stress from the door’s weight. garage door repair & installation involve dealing with dangerous parts. It is not advisable to try it by yourself. You need a trusted garage door repair & installation professional in Silver Spring, MD. We are one of the leading garage door repair & installation teams to perform these services safely.

We have been rolling up garage door service for the last 15+ years. As a veteran company, we offer our clients outstanding installation, repair, and maintenance services in Rockville, MD, Silver Spring, MD & Ellicott City. If you’re looking to install a new garage door or its parts, take a look at our impressive residential and commercial garage door services. Contact us online.

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