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Three garage door failures requiring immediate repair

If you have a garage door, you may face a long list of potential issues as the door ages. If there are regular repair and maintenance of the garage door, such issues will not bother you frequently. However, at times such issues arise without giving any prior notice. At BWI Garage Doors, in Crofton MD we have trained and experienced technicians who have seen such problems and have fixed those with simple steps while offering professional garage door repair in Crofton, MD.

Below we discuss three such garage door faults. We also make you understand the ways we follow to troubleshoot such garage door issues at your house.

Non-operative garage door opener

If we talk about the most common garage door issues that suddenly arise, it is a non-operative garage door opener. However, it may sound technical, but our trained technicians have simple ways to fix this issue. If the garage door has a chain or drive screw, then the simple fix we undertake is to lubricate these parts. These lubricants will reduce friction and enable the garage door to open without any problem.

If you have a remote-controlled opener, then the problem may be the dead battery of the remote.

If the garage door at your place is cable-operated, we look at the door light. If we notice that the light is not on, then the garage door is not receiving power. We then have a look at the breaker box to see if there is a flipped switch. If that is also not the case, we try other means, and before we leave, make sure that you have an operational garage door.

Noise during opening or closing

If you notice that your garage door is making noise while opening or closing, then the fault may be worn or lose parts or issues with lubrication. We thoroughly clean and lubricate the tracks, joints, and hardware and to your astonishment, you will notice that the sound has vanished.

The garage door consists of moving parts. Any part can go wrong anytime and lead to a non-operational garage door. If you face any such problem while opening or closing the garage door, call us to have professional and effective garage door repair in Crofton. Our professional inspection and repair will help you have peace of mind that your garage door is in the right hand and will have the best services to serve you for many more years.

Garage door reverses automatically

Does the garage door open fully or partially and then reverses automatically? If it is such, then there maybe a couple of various issues for such a problem. An ordinary person can’t gauge what the actual cause of the issue is. However, our technicians have the experience, knowledge, and gadgets to determine the exact cause and rectify that.

Whatever the problem you face with your garage door, we at BWI Garage Doors are always with you, even at odd hours and during this pandemic.

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