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Three Common Myths About Garage Door Installation Bowie MD

There is no doubt that with technical advancement of garage doors, the information is really overpowering and there isn’t adequate time to fact check everything. The issue is that with such large amount of info at our disposal, there’ll be times when even false facts might look true.

Especially, when it’s about garage doors, decision making becomes very complicated due to the prevalent misrepresentation about garage purchases, repair, and installation. So to make you better informed we have discussed a few common myths associated with garage door installation in Bowie MD.

Garage doors need no maintenance:

While it is true that overhead doors are dependable, but they are not invincible. With a large number of moving components working together, your door needs the same amount of care & upkeep as your car.

To make the most of your garage door, find at least fifteen to twenty minutes time a month to inspect minor or major problems. This sort of record keeping ensure you eliminate the possibility of any emergency breakdowns later. Above all, you’ll enjoy improved performance from your door for years.

Overhead doors are noisy by nature:

Every homeowner come across an overhead door that closes and opens with a loud noise. This sort of noise points to serious problem inside the operating mechanism of the door and henceforth is potentially risky as well.

You will see these kinds of problems may be because of dry moving components that are worn out over time or loosely affixed bolts and screws. However, except you appoint a professional garage door expert to check this problem, you may never know the roof your problem.

Garage door insulation is not necessary:

If you dwell in a region that’s dominated by extreme & unfavourable weather conditions, the insulation feature is indeed quite effective in mitigating the loss of cold or heat.

For instance, during the summer months, because of the insulation feature of your overhead doors, your air conditioning unit require to work less as there’ll be less intrusion of outside heat. So, your air conditioning system will be able to cool down your house faster without squandering much energy in the process. The same can be said about winters & room heaters as well.

Make your Garage Door Installation in Bowie MD a hassle-free affair by working with BWI Garage Doors. We can be trusted for anything related to garage doors – be it spring replacement, roller repair, opener replacement or complete garage door installation.

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