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The Role Of An Insulated Garage Door In Increasing Energy Efficiency

Like most people, you have probably been pondering how you can make your house more energy efficient. You might be thinking about lowering your household’s carbon footprint or decreasing your energy costs – perhaps both!

Regardless of your reason, you have possibly heard so many advice on how to make your home more energy efficient. One important aspect that a lot of homeowners overlook is the role an insulated garage door can play in increasing energy efficiency.

An energy efficient overhead door is one that’ll decrease the energy usage in your home as it aids in regulating the temperature of your house.

If you are in search of ways to make your garage more energy efficient, here are a few reasons why you should begin with your overhead door.

It helps in regulating the temperature in your house:

Though we don’t spend most of our time in a garage, it is still an extension of our house. If our garage isn’t insulated, cold and heat air can emit from the garage into the rest of our home via shared walls. If you discover yourself tuning your thermostat frequently, this could be the reason! Upgrade to an insulated garage door now to save time & lower energy costs.

It reduces energy use & eventually energy costs:

Lower energy use interprets to lower energy costs. But you must be wondering how a new garage door installation in Montgomery County Bethesda can lower energy use!

Well, it all comes to the insulation. According to the EPA, correctly insulating & air sealing a house can reduce cooling and heating costs up to 15 percent. Most homeowners ignore their garage doors when it’s about insulation, but it can make a considerable difference.

It can increase your car’s battery efficiency:

Your automobile perhaps is not what you had in your mind when you consider how to reduce energy costs in your garage, but it is a great bonus! Excess heat during the summer can be harsh on your automobile’s battery. Extreme heat can make liquid in the battery to disappear, reducing its durability.

Fortunately, an insulated overhead door will keep the temperature at bay so your car’s battery can last long.

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