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Roll-Up Sheet Doors Vs Roll-Up Slat Doors! What Are The Differences

Because of their many resemblances, both rolling sheet doors and slat doors share competitive advantages in the market that make them a wonderful option in the overhead door industry. But what makes these two doors different and how should you choose between them? That all relies on the product application, which we are going to articulate in greater detail below.

Rolling steel doors:

Also known as slat doors, rolling steel doors are usually found in industrial and commercial applications. These doors are built of narrow thin steel strips that interlock producing a strong & persistent curtain. Interlocking steel slats reduce susceptibility through increased durability and strength, making rolling doors perfect for industrial & high-cycle applications. Usually these doors are seen in industrial buildings involving production, storage, and the allocation of goods.

Available in a wide range of sizes, models and colors, rolling steel doors can be personalized to suit exact design needs from aesthetics to functionality. A full line of rolling steel doors ranges from fire rated doors and service doors to rolling grillers and counter shutters.

Rolling steel doors are the best option if your building needs specific performance needs such as fire rated shutters, fire rated doors or counter shutters.

Commercial sheet doors:

Commercial sheet doors are made from larger sections of steel, ribbed and lock layered together to create one uninterrupted curtain. There’re several models of sheet doors ranging in design to fit diverse settings. Though commercial sheet doors can be employed for a range of applications, they are usually designed for commercial environments from light to medium duty such as warehouses and garages. Commercial sheet doors are simple, easy and fast to install, run and maintain.

Whether you are looking to invest on Roll-Up Sheet Doors or Roll-Up Slat Doors – BWI Garage Doors can provide you with the best product available on the market. We are the best in the business when it comes to garage door repair or installation.

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