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A new garage door can certainly transform the look of your home. However, garage door replacement in College Park MD is a big investment, so you need to be very decisive when choosing a garage door.

Take into consideration the insulation value of the garage door:

The higher the R-value of the overhead door, the greater the insulation value & energy efficiency. If you dwell in a temperate climate, this mayn’t be a vital issue for you. However, if you dwell in a harsh climate, have finished living space above your garage, or plan to cool or heat your garage because you’re using it for purposes other than parking cars, the insulation value of the door is certainly something to take into consideration.

Pick a garage door colour that compliments your exterior home colours:

Take time selecting your garage colour whether that be choosing one of the standard prefinished colours or painting/staining your door a custom colour. The majority of overhead door makers provide their doors in several fairly standard colour options. If one of the standard colours matches well with the rest of your home, no issue! A prefinished door is the best option if you can get a colour that works for you because it is practically maintenance free.

Choose a garage door style that complements your house:

Obviously, you don’t wish to put a contemporary looking glass and aluminium garage door on an old-fashioned Colonial house or a carriage style garage door on a contemporary home. Furthermore, if your overhead door will have windows, be careful about the shape of the windows and the size of the window grilles that you pick.

Make use of an online visualization tool:

Most garage door firms have visualization tools that let you upload a picture of your house and change the design of the overhead door to find out how different designs transform the appearance of your home.

Buy a wind-rated door if you dwell in a hurricane prone area:

If you dwell in a region at risk for hurricane force winds, ensure that your overhead door is a wind-rated door that meets local wind load reinforcement needs. Nearly eighty percent of residential wind damage starts with wind entry via the overhead door.

Get warranty details:

Inquire about the warranty for your overhead doors, as some manufacturers provide longer warranties than others. The warranty duration can also vary relying on the particular kind of door you select.

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