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How to fix the bizarre phenomenon of “garage door opens on its own”?

The garage door opens on its own is a frightening and absolute bizarre phenomenon. Do you find your garage door spontaneously opens on its own?  Perhaps it may happen when you are not at home or in the middle of the night when you are sleeping. It can bring a major security risk that leaves your house and possessions vulnerable to thieves or intruders. Here are a few popular reasons that cause your garage door is opening on its own, and you need the 24-hour garage door repair to fix the problem.

Older Batteries

Aging batteries are mainly the common reason behind garage door malfunctioning or failure. Perhaps most home or business owners overlook the issue. Majority of remotes are operated by standard batteries that you can buy in the battery aisle of your hardware store. But some advanced garage door batteries may need specialized garage door repair in Bethesda MD.

Sticky Buttons

Sometimes a button on the older garage door opener starts to stick or becomes hard to use. Basically, it happens due to the worn-out of remotes or the wall panel controller. The best course of action for the home or business owner is taking the help of our 24-hour garage door repair and simply replace it with a new remote. Professional garage door repair Make sure the replacement remote is compatible with the opener itself. Also, we charge a reasonable cost for this service.

Power Surge

A power surge caused by lightning can run havoc on all sorts of electronic home appliances. The garage door openers also come into such category. Fortunately, our 24-hour garage door repair in Bethesda MD can repair the openers that are destroyed due to power surge. We repair the opener and its codes that are scrambled. We also reprogram the rolling codes that make your garage door even more secure.

Circuit Board Problems

Circuit board in a garage door also malfunctions due to certain reason. You’ll need to call in a garage door repairing professional for this job. We recommend replacing the entire circuit board if the garage door malfunction is happening due to the malfunctioned garage door. Our skilled garage door professionals are skilled enough to do the job in no time.

Wiring Problems

Sometimes, the wiring that connects the opener may be the cause for the malfunctioning garage door. The wiring issue may also affect the safety sensors as well. It will lead to cause an uneven function of garage doors as well. Our 24-hour emergency garage door repair in Bethesda MD offers professional and reliable service in such situations assuring your home safe.

We can fix the entire garage door related problem and make your garage door and home secured in a minute! Our garage door repair cost is also very budget-friendly compared to our counterparts in the industry. Do call us at +1 888-388-1847 or fill out our online contact form today.

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