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How garage door installation can increase the value of a house

We try to remodel kitchen and bathrooms to enhance the value of a house in Bethesda, MD. However, it may so happen that these projects may burst your budget and not have a timely completion as expected. As homeowners, we frequently overlook a much simpler and affordable project that can enhance the value of a house. We are talking about garage door installation in Bethesda, MD, done by reputed garage door repair and installation organization like us at BWI Garage Doors.

How much value can a garage door installation enhance?

Installation of a garage door is the most valuable investment that a homeowner can make. If we look at research performed by Remodeling Magazine, then we can see that they rank garage door installation with the highest return on investment. During the research, they considered 21 common home renovation projects and found the garage door’s installation as the most effective one to enhance the value of a house.

How garage door installation enhances the value of a house?

There are many ways a garage door installation can enhance the value of a house. Let us have a look at a few of those.

If you have an old garage door with a worn-out lock or predictable access code system, it is easy for thieves to break in. If thieves can break through the garage door, then they can easily reach the inside of your house. However, when you install a new garage door, then you will have new locks and access code so that thieves cannot break-in. The secure locking system will keep thieves away.

Energy Efficiency
The garage doors attached to your house and share a wall with the house if uninsulated can lower the inside temperature. New garage doors are made of the highest-quality material and have insulation technology. Installing such a garage door can help you save on the heating and cooling costs you have to bear.

If you have the installation of a high R-value garage door, then it would be possible for you to keep the interior warm in winter and cold in summer. The sealing of the air leaks also helps to regulate the airflow inside your house.

Curb Appeal
Even if you do not desire to sell your house, your home’s curb appeal is an essential factor. The outside appearance of your house draws the attention of potential customers. You can install a garage door that compliments the color and theme of your home and enhances the curb appeal. As a reputed garage door installation organization, we enable you to customize the style, material and appearance of a door; it is ideal for enhancing the curb appeal.

If you have an old garage door, buyers will have the impression that you do not care about the entire property and will not have an urge to purchase.

New garage doors have modern safety features integrated and having the installation of such door offers the best of safety to your property and belongings. The photo-eye sensor does not allow the door to close when there is an obstruction and avoid accidents. The modern door openers make it impossible for unwanted persons to open a garage door.

You can depend on us to have a perfect garage door installation in Bethesda, MD, at an affordable rate.

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