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Garage Door Repair Olney – 4 Signs Your Garage Door Needs Repair

Checking on the functioning of your garage door is crucial for your daily convenience. With regular daily use, It is normal for your garage door to need repairs. Unfortunately, many homeowners make the mistake of having their garage door inspected only when they notice it’s malfunctioning. Since garage door torsion springs lift and hold an enormous amount of weight, it is important to schedule frequent garage door repair Olney so that the issues are caught early.

This maintenance will ensure that the doors operate safely and last for several years to come. Below are the five signs that your garage door needs repair and a visit from BWI Garage Doors Company.

Your garage door does not open or close fully

If your garage door does not open fully or does not descend all the way to the ground, it may indicate some damage between the door and the garage door opener/control panel. A professional garage door repair Olney company can help you find out what is causing its malfunction.

Sagging garage door sections

It is advised to check and repair your garage door’s balance at least once a year. To do this, first you need to disconnect the opener from the door. Then, open your garage door by hand, bring it to about midway and leave it there. The door should not rise or fall, and if it does, it is likely that there is something wrong with the tension springs or other parts of your door.

The door is off the tracks

Garage doors must operate within the tracks placed on the sides of the door. When you find them coming off the track, this indicates they are damaged and need repair. A professional garage door repair Olney can inspect the problem and replace the key parts if necessary.

The garage door squeaks or creaks

Most older garage doors make quite a lot of noise when operated. However, if you find the door to have excessive creaking or straining, there may be a problem with your spring or the garage door opener itself.

You want your garage door to operate efficiently and last for years to come. To avoid any issue, we will recommend scheduling regular maintenance at least twice a year (before the cold weather begins). If you are due to have your garage door repaired, call BWI Garage Doors today!

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