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Garage Door Repair and Maintenance in Lanham MD

As soon as you approach your home with a car load of groceries, you press the garage’s remote button to raise the door open. Surprisingly, you find the remote to be non-functioning. You go on trying a few more times, and the result – every action goes in vain.

A garage door is probably the largest moving object in a house. So keeping it in good maintenance ultimately comes down to a safety issue, especially if you have got pets or children. We must not forget a little garage door troubleshooting can go a long way in maintaining your door’s build and functionality.

Because of the quality of cycles your garage door endures through daily use, garage door repair Lanham MD and annual maintenance are common. However, there are several routine maintenance jobs you can do on your garage door. This will increase safety and minimize garage door repair costs in the future.

Need to Repair Your Garage Door? Time to Call a Professional Garage Door Repair Service Provider!

If you are encountering some serious issues for your garage door, an inspection from a professional garage door service company is essential.

Garage Door Springs

One can visually inspect their garage door springs for rust or fraying. But if you suspect a problem you will want to call in a professional to take a look and find how to repair the doors. Remember, the springs are under an incredible amount of tension, so if they suddenly release or break, they can cause some serious damage. So always rely on a garage door repair Lanham MD professional.

Is Your Garage Door Off Track?

If your garage door comes off the track, stop operating it immediately. Do not try to put any force to make it move. This can cause you some real and expensive damage. Call professionals as they can put it back on track by making some replacement in the panels.

Worn Out Garage Door Bottom Seals?

If you have an old garage door bottom seal, call professional repair service providers to replace them quickly. Keeping a good seal on your door protects it from water and other elements and also helps it to retain heat better.

The Door Is Off-Balanced?

Your garage door should raise a few feet off the ground and not have one end or the other droop. If your garage door cannot maintain a straight line, it means it is out of balance. This will put extra pressure on your gears and result in over-wearing or breaking. You will also risk running the door off its track, which will also demand a professional.


If you are thinking about repairing your garage doors, contact BWI Garage Doors. Lanham MD area commercial and residential owners trust our professional service team for garage door repair and replacement. To book an appointment, contact us today!

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