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FAQ about Garage Door Openers and It’s Repair

Probably Garage doors as the primary entrance that lets you use every day to enter or exit from your house. Sometimes you may likely experience some of the stressful and inconvenient moments when your garage door suddenly won’t open or close! It may leave you stuck inside of your garage, wondering how to get out or remain helpless outside in the driveway. Several potential causes make your garage door opener malfunctioning. You may observe that all these will be fixed by our garage door repair in College Park MD quickly and easily be. All we do to ensure a safe and complete repair job.

Homeowners use garage door every day to go to the office, markets, or running errands. It will lead to operating your garage door at least 1,500 to 1800 times a year. With such frequent use, its parts or settings of garage door opener will have occasional problems. Home and business owners experience issues with their garage door openers that end up asking the following questions.

Is the garage door opener won’t work due to remote?

Many garage door opener remotes are fastidious and could malfunction for many reasons. The batteries in the remote could be weak or dead. The remote may be far away and not coming in the prescribed of the garage door opener range. The remote control also will need to be re-programmed as well. Not all garage door openers have a long-distance remote control range. Hence it interrupts the signal between the remote and the opener, and the door won’t open. If you find your remote won’t work after changing the battery or work inconsistently, call our garage door repair in College Park MD right away. We will reprogram it for you in no time and make it run accurately.

Is there any garage door wall switch that won’t work?

When the wall switch doesn’t work as it should, then there may be an issue with the wiring, or perhaps the doors are locked accidentally. We troubleshoot the problems in your wall-mounted opener, reprogramming the pad if necessary, or check the locking-mode wasn’t correctly triggered. Like another manual lock on the garage door, the garage door opener also has a lock mechanism engaged by a separate lock button or by holding the opener button for an extended period. Perhaps It may be a reason that makes the garage door opener not to run well. In the worst situation, call our garage door opener professional in College Park MD to investigate and determine whether there’s a wiring malfunction.

What happens if the garage door opener still won’t work?

So your garage doors mobile and wall-mounted remotes are in its proper shape and functioning well. Are you still experiencing problems? Perhaps the garage door opener may have a blocked power source or have disconnected wires or have inappropriate sensitivity levels or stripped gears. We inspect your garage door opener machine and surroundings to check if any of these issues affect the mechanism.

Are there any other reasons that are responsible for the improper functioning of garage door opener

Perhaps your door may not open due to the following problems:

  • The door has been detached or disconnected from the opener
  • The tracks might be misaligned
  • The photo eye sensors might be covered with dirt or blocked or out of alignment
  • The garage door springs or cables are damaged or broken
  • Something prevents the door movement

When you need help related to garage door opener, reach out to BWI Garage Doors

Have you ever observe the garage door opener problems, trust in our knowledgeable and trained experts garage door repair in College Park MD. At BWI Garage Doors, we help you find the issue and make efficient and lasting repairs. We have over 17 years of dedicated service and working experience in repairing garage doors for the residents and commercial property owners of College Park MD and nearby areas. For our customers’ convenience, we also provide free service estimates, same-day services, and 24/7 emergency response as well.

Schedule a garage door opener repair today by filling out our online request form or calling us at +1 888-388-1847 to speak to a team member.

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