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Don’t Make These Mistakes When Installing A New Garage Door

When you try to install a garage door without any professional assistance, there is a lot that can go wrong. An overhead door is a complex unit that is made up of several in-built components. A fault in just one hardware can consequence in frequent breakdowns & malfunctions that can probably damage your property and prompt injuries to those living in your home.

Here are some typical installation issues that you should keep in mind to ensure that your overhead door is installed correctly.

Trying to install springs alone:

Installing torsion or extension springs is one of the most complex parts of garage door installation in Bowie MD. The procedure poses security risks & incorrect installation can prompt serious operational issues. A minimum of 2 people should help in installing the springs & all the installation steps must be undertaken while taking safety measures into consideration.

Loose panels:

Installing panels fittingly, with sufficient tightening, is essential for the rails & hangers to function correctly. Loose panels will lead to malfunctions, prompting damage to property. Rails & hangers are a vital part of the overhead door mechanism that helps raise & close the door. Ensure these are meticulously checked during the installation process.

Using nails in place of lag screws:

Nails may get the job done at the outset by pulling the door collectively, but will stop working after some time. Nails are simply not sturdy enough to bear the strain from the door. Frequent strain will make nails to loosen & break gradually, and the entire door may fall because of it. It’s recommended to use lag screws while installing the garage door & other components.

Misplacing the door opener:

The overhead door opener should be installed in a spot that balances the entire door. This is only possible when the opener is fitted in the center. This way, the door won’t incline when lifting up. Installing the opener at any place other than the center will put unwanted strain on it & will make it to breakdown after some time.

Track system imbalance:

Track system in the overhead door help the door open & close smoothly without banging. This system should be counter-balanced correctly, or else, the extra force will make the entire structure of the garage door to weaken & break. If you don’t have any experience in garage door installation, you better left the job to garage door specialist like BWI Garage Doors. We will make sure your garage door installation in Bowie MD is a stress-free affair.

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