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Common garage door problems and its solution with a trusted repair service

Broken garage doors can be vulnerable for you and liability for your property. Diagnosing the problem can be critical for a normal person. Hence you should call a specialized service that can bring expert garage door repairs and make your garage door like a new.

However, our garage door repair in Mongomery County Bethesda can fix just about any garage door problem such as:

1. Rollers & track alignment

Do you ever notice the garage door not retracting correctly? You may have an issue with the garage door track or rollers.  A normal eye will hard to decide the track is misaligned or bent or if the rollers are broken. Our garage door repair in Mongomery County Bethesda repairs the damage that causes more problems. We can be attempting to fix a bend or dent in the track and make it aligned accurately.

2. Cables & springs

Broken cables or garage door springs can disturb the tension that operates the garage door.  We help you get rid of hazards by fixing the issues that could result in damaging the property.

3. Transmitters

Problems with the electrical transmitter that controls the garage door operation. We check the batteries and sensors to trace the fault and provide a better solution for garage door breakdown malfunction.

4. Weather Seal

 Issues with the garage door weather seal could expose your garage and its contents and elements to risk. We check the situation and attach the weather seal making the garage door safe from dust and insects.

5. Damage to the door

Renovation of the garage door itself seems like a big issue for homeowners. Negligence related to any damaged parts, will hamper the security of your home. Leave your garage and its components and delicate mechanism to our garage door repair Mongomery County Bethesda. We assure your garage door operation will run in unforeseen ways.

Garage door repairs are sometimes brought difficulties for homeowners.  It may need upgrades, repairs. It is wise to rely on an expert that can fully assess the situation. However, we help you avoid unnecessary upgrades by giving our best solution.  Our garage door repair Mongomery County Bethesda and our technicians can visit your home to trace the problem you are experiencing. We help you resolved the issue, making the thing simple. If necessary, we also recommend installing new garage doors. We let you gain a good proposal whether you need the garage door repair or its upgrade. Mentioned here are a few tips for inspecting your doors:

Normal wear & tear:

Minimal warping, scratching, and denting to your door should not be a reason to replace or repair your door!  But if one or more panels on your door suffer from severe damage, we can get it repaired without doing any damage to the other parts.  But when the problem becomes severe across the garage door, we recommend you replacing it.

Slow running:

Do you find your door starts to lower and rise at a slower pace? It may need repair or replacement of one or more parts. It will lead the garage door mechanism to get it working correctly. It is often the same solution when the door stops responding altogether, too.

Unsafe closing:

If your door appears heavier than average and is closing with more force than usual, it might require adjusting. We recommend it to be done in colder and warmer months. We adjust the tension rods, which run diagonally or horizontally on the inside of the door or replace the springs and rollers if needed.

If you are concerned about the safety of your garage door but not sure if it could last a few more years, contact us for an expert opinion. To schedule, a free estimate for your garage door repairs us at +1 888-388-1847 today!

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