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5 Common Garage Door Repair Options in Silver Spring MD

Garage door repair is the only solution you need when your garage door has a problem that affects its functionality. Just because the springs are broken; it doesn’t mean you need to replace the entire garage door and consider garage door repair in Silver Spring MD. You just need to replace the garage door springs. This goes well with other features like tracks, sensors, rollers, hinges and opener.

Again one more thing, don’t make an attempt to make repairs on your own, even if you believe you know how to fix damaged garage doors. Always call in a professional contractor for garage door repair in Silver Spring MD.

Some of the common repair options include:

1. Inspect your garage door

Understand and fix any wear and tear early is an important part of overall care for your door. Apart from keeping your garage door clean and lubricating it regularly, you should schedule garage door repair in Silver Spring MD to make sure your garage door operates regularly.

Again if you address the garage door issues early, it will help you preserve the aesthetics of your garage door. It can enhance curb appeal, complement the remaining home décor and transform your home exterior. When wear and tear starts showing up on door, it can greatly impact on the beauty of your home.

2. Keep your garage door on its tracks

Hitting the door with enormous force or at specific angle can greatly cause the door come out of its tracks. When such type of things happens with you, you will be unable to operate your garage door and shouldn’t do it all alone. It’s best to call a garage door technician and keep it properly on its tracks.

3. Fix a garage door that is stuck

A garage door can stuck in a position due to obstructions in sensor, wheel track and garage door opener. However, a garage door that’s opened partially can pose security concerns and give access to burglars to come in.

Try to close the door manually without force otherwise; it will damage the motor, opener, belt and chain. The best option is to contact a professional contractor that offers garage door repair in Silver Spring MD.

4. Address a garage door that makes loud sound

Does your garage door make screeching, grinding or squealing noises while operating? If yes, it could indicate the accumulation of dirt or debris in the tracks or shortage of lubricants. You should never use harsh chemicals to remove dirt to clean up the tracks. Once you clean up, you should coat it with lubricant specifically made for garage doors.

5. Attend to a quickly falling garage door

Does your door falling more quickly than it is used or bouncing around while using? If yes, it could be due to broken cables or chains. However, the installation could take time. You should consider professional garage door installation in Silver Spring MD.

Final Consideration –

When it comes to garage door repair or garage door installation in Silver Spring MD, it’s highly suggested to rely on BWI Garage Doors. We have extensive years of experience and excellence in handling any kind of garage door repair and installation effortlessly. For more information, please contact us as soon as possible and let’s get started!

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