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What Are the Major Components of a Garage Door?

A surprising 45% of home owners in North Laurel use automatic garage doors as the first point of entry to their home. This is why automatic garage door openers ranked among the most convenient and heavily used home appliances. Irrespective of the heavy use of automatic garage door openers, a lot of homeowners fail to comprehend how these systems work.

Sadly, the absence of knowledge can make it tough to diagnose issues as they take place. If you’d like to improve your understanding about your overhead doors and help keep garage door repairs in North Laurel to a minimum, keep reading. Here we had a closer peek at 3 crucial components essential for keeping your overhead door working smoothly.


Contrary to most people’s knowledge, most of the power employed to close and open an overhead door doesn’t come from the garage motor itself. Instead, the motor merely supplies a small amount of power essential to engage movement. Most of the lifting powers actually come the springs of your garage door – extension springs and torsion springs.

Both kinds of springs undergo wear & tear as time goes on. Metal fatigue ultimately makes a spring to break down. Get in touch with a garage door professional like BWI Garage Doors as soon as you come across such symptoms.


Every time your door closes or opens, the cables move. Over time, friction makes individual metal wires to break, leading to gradually more distressing. Also cables may develop a corrosion as the result of moisture exposure where they affix to the foot of the door. Eventually, a cable may breakdown completely, making it tough to open & close the garage door.

Tracks & rollers:

Though technically 2 diverse hardware, tracks & rollers work together to attain a common goal: securely guiding the path of your door upward.

In a properly maintained garage door, the tracks & rollers assure that the door relishes freedom of movement with a minimum of friction. However, over time, issues often hinder smooth functioning. Tracks become bent or dented. Roller bearings may seize up or the plastic heads break.

Any type of garage door repair in North Laurel, you can trust on BWI Garage Doors. To keep your garage door in prime working order, feel free to get in touch with us at +1 888 388 1847!

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