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The Garage Door Safety Tips: Follow It to Stay Safe

Garages are a commonplace feature in many homes. Garage doors are useful for storing your vehicles in a safe and secure place, where you can access them without being exposed to rain, wind, or snow. However, you should be careful when using a garage door, as accidents can occur. Therefore, it is important to follow some safety and security tips. It will keep you away from harmful incidents.

Garage doors are heavy machinery and hazardous mechanisms. Lack of care may harm people and nearby things. Garage doors are not only useful for storing your vehicles but also for entering your home! Therefore, you should secure them as you would any other door or window in your house. The following tips will help you avoid accidents and injuries related to garage doors.

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Check Sensors

Most garage doors use sensors to operate. Garage door safety sensors are usually black boxes at the bottom of the door. If the sensors are not aligned, the garage door will not work properly. Checking them will help you detect any potential problems and fix them as soon as possible.

Perform Inspections

You should look at your door and its parts every month. If you see any signs of damage or wear in the springs, rollers, pulleys, cables, or other parts, you should contact our expert garage door repair in Chevy, Chase. Maintaining your garage door prolongs its life. Our garage door repair in Bethesda, MD assures increased garage door opener safety.

Keep Children Safe

Today garage doors come with numerous safety features. It will prevent accidents and injuries.

However, keeping your children away from the door can be a safer option:

Some other safety and security tips for using your garage door are:

• Make sure nothing is blocking the door’s path before you open it.

• Don’t let children touch or hang on the garage door.

• Keep the garage door passcode to yourself.

• Don’t leave toys or other objects in the way of the garage door.

• Make sure keypads or control buttons are higher than five feet from the ground so children can’t access them.

Know How to Open Your Door Manually

You may need to open your door manually if the power goes out or the door breaks down. Any electric garage door will have an emergency release for these situations. The owner’s manual will tell you where to find the emergency release so you can use the door without electricity.

Test the Reverse Function

Most garage doors have a reverse function to prevent accidents. You should check this function regularly to avoid future problems. You can test it by putting a roll of paper towels or something else in the door’s path and pressing the button to close it. If the garage door does not recognize anything in its path then, the reverse function isn’t working correctly. It may need repairs and our garage door repair in Laurel can fix it in no time.

Protect Your Home

Your garage door opener is like a lock to your house. You can make your home more safe with these tips:

• Keep your garage door opener hidden:

• Lock the door connecting your garage to your house to take an additional precaution

• Include a vacation lock feature that prevents them from opening and closing while you’re out of town.

• Use a rolling code so that the access code changes each time someone uses the transmitter.

Consider WiFi-enabled garage door openers

Garage door openers that are WiFi-enabled have more security features than traditional ones. Your garage door can be operated with a smartphone. It will not only increase the convenience but the security as well. It provides real-time notifications on your smartphone or similar device. Your door can be opened or closed, and its status checked from anywhere. It can connect you with trusted dealers to schedule repairs and share the diagnostic report for faster repairs.

Hire BWI Garage Doors for Installation, Services and Repairs

One of the most effective ways of maintaining your garage door safety is to find a professional garage door repair in Chevy Chase, Olney, or any parts in Washington, DC, and Maryland. We are a family-owned and operated business specializing in commercial & residential garage door installation, service and repair. You won’t be disappointed when you hire BWI Garage Doors for your garage needs.

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