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Garage Door Trends that Blend Well with Any Architectural Style

Garages are no more designed just to protect your vehicles from elements; instead, it has become a valuable extension of the living space of your home. Today people are furnishing garages with decent lighting, flooring, electrical outlets, and insulated garage doors to create a functional workspace. Also, by installing upscale, eye-catching, and energy efficient garage doors, you can provide an aesthetic appeal to your home. Therefore, it becomes necessary to take extra care while selecting a garage door that will complement the architectural style of your home.

To help you with choosing a complementing garage door we at BWI Garage Doors have brought to you some of the latest garage door trends to look for.

Bold Color –

To make an impact on your home’s curb appeal the best way out is using bold colors. As your garage takes up more than a half of your home’s front, adding a garage door of eye-catching color that complements your home can be a great way to enhance the entire look of your home. Also, today the color black has become the talk of the town. By using a black colored garage door, you can make it stand out from the rest of your home. Moreover, you know what black complements with almost any architectural style!

Add Full Glass Windows and Doors –

Adding glass to the garage doors and window panels is a great way to brighten up your garage. And today the glass doors come in a variety of tints, colors, and capacities that help in a great way to enhance the appeal of your garage. Arranging windows vertically or going for an all window door can make your neighbors get wowed.

Energy Efficient Garage Doors –

Energy efficient and insulated garage doors have always been in the trend and continuing. A well-insulated garage door with high R-value helps in keeping the heat in during the winters and out during the summers. The insulated doors not only regulate the temperature of the garage or lower the electric bills but also keep the garage quiet as the sides of the door sections stick to the insulation found inside.

Incorporate Wood –

A wooden garage door adds warmth. Whether you use wood in panels accompanied by the glass windows or stain with a natural finish you provide luxury, classic magnificence and a modern touch to your garage doors. Such garage doors are a perfect blend of conventional and contemporary styles.

Smart Technology Integration –

Smart technology is everywhere today! People today crave for smart home and integrating smart technology to the garage doors is one of the best ways to achieve that goal. There will be doors operating through WI-Fi connected openers that will let homeowners operate their garage doors from their smartphones. Isn’t that a smart move?

We at BWI Garage Doors understand how important it is for people to stay up to date with the trends. So if you want to upgrade your garage, then we can help you with trendy and up to the minute garage door installation in Bethesda MD. We possess extensive years of experience in providing garage door installation in Bethesda MD catering to the precise requirements of clients.

Our experts make the best use of latest equipment and state-of-the-art tools to provide you with any kind of garage door repair Bethesda MD services. We have a team of highly skilled and knowledgeable technicians who are readily available 24/7 to serve your unique garage door needs. So give us a call at +1 888-388-1847 or email us at info@bwigaragedoors.com to know more about our services.

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