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3 Most Common Problems with Garage Door Torsion Springs

If you have a garage, chances are you use it every day. And if you have a garage door, you may have come to realize that it’s an important part of your home that needs to be maintained. Overhead doors are everyday items that are constantly working behind the scenes unobserved, opening & closing on demand.

But with daily use, these doors go through a lot of wear and tear. If something goes wrong in the process, garage door repair in Crofton is most likely needed to get everything back in working order. And if you haven’t added regular maintenance of your garage door system to your household upkeep regime, there may come a day when you are faced with problems like a broken spring that need immediate repair.

In this blog, we will have a look at a few reasons you may be having issues with your garage door springs. Listed below are our top 3 reasons your garage door spring needs repair.

Broken torsion spring:

If your garage door is opening a few inches & then stopping, then there may be the possibility of a broken spring. It is risky to operate your overhead door with a broken spring. Schedule professional garage door repair in Crofton to get your spring repaired ASAP.

Squeaky spring:

If you find that your garage door springs making noise and the sound is driving you mad, there may be problem with your spring. Only a trained technician should check your garage doors to diagnose the real issue. If everything is alright, the technician will recommend to use some good-quality garage door spring oil, otherwise he may advocate to replace the old spring.

Tension issues in garage door spring:

If your overhead door is opening very slowly, there may be a tension issue with your spring. The torsion spring may be worn or require a simple tuning from your garage door firm. With continuous use, torsion springs finally stretch and become less functional. Fortunately, this issue can be sorted out easily. However, we don’t advocate to do it by your own. Since the torsion springs are under a great deal of tension, trying to fix them without any technical knowledge can be risky.

Springs are small yet the most important components of your garage door assembly. It is essential to assure they’re rightly lubricated, securely fastened, and functioning at 100 percent. If you notice any of these above mentioned issues in your garage door, then feel free to call BWI Garage Doors for prompt spring repair or replacement. Call us on +1 888-388-1847 for any type of garage door repair in Crofton and the surrounding regions.

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